Why There is No Traffic to Your Small Business SEO Blog

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


Top SEO companies and marketing firms have long extolled the value of a great content marketing campaign, starting with great blog content. You followed suit have come up with some great content for blog posts that’s also thoughtful and informative. This can all be a moot point, however, if nobody is around to read your blog posts, not to mention frustrating and discouraging. If writing your blog feels like you’re talking to a blank wall, then you may need to reevaluate your efforts based on the several reasons why a blog may be left unread.

Blogs can easily be driven into obscurity if nobody knows it’s there. You should be using more than one method of promoting your site. Social media, classified ads, and SEO are all affordable ways to get your name out on the Web. Take opportunities to promote yourself, but not to the point of spamming; instead, be sure to interact with other industry people and make yourself known in the community.

Any content that is rife with grammatical errors and typographical errors may also end up a victim of lonliness, as no one will want to stay on that site for long. Visitors want a polished, professional-looking site from an expert who knows what he’s talking about, yet you’ll inspire no confidence if you can’t even use Spellcheck. Proofread and edit each blog post before publishing, or getting someone else to read it if necessary.

Another problem with your blog could be that your content isn’t original. You should instead be making unique posts about your field instead of borrowing topics that other blogs frequently write about. Careful not to rehash the same old information.

If you’re trying to cultivate a large audience with your blog, this could also be where your problem lies: your targeted audience is just too broad. You can’t cater to everyone’s wants and needs, and trying to do so will only leave you lost in the shuffle. Instead, narrow down your target audience and market just for them.

A problem could also lie in the timing of your postings. Whether you post too frequently or not frequently enough, timing could be everything. A solution to this problem is to keep a consistent schedule for blogging and decide at what times of day your audience be the most receptive to reading your posts.

Is your website SEO friendly? This could be an important consideration, and if you answered no to that question, you may need the services of a top SEO company to bring link building and traffic to your site.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, there occurs a problem if you’re too focused on your site’s SEO that it puts focus off your blogging. If the content is solely there for keyword-stuffing, readers will see straight through you.

Another problem could be that your blog entries are too long. “TL;DR,” which stands for “too long; don’t read” is a common Internet saying, and if your commentors start saying this, it’s about time you make a change. If you’re struggling with what to write each week, you can make it easier on yourself by shortening your posts and spanning one large blog post over several posts.

Applying these tips to your blog could very well help you gain the traffic that your thoughtful content deserves.

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